Jokowi Appreciates Teachers’ Role in Level of Nation Civilization

Minggu, 26 November 2023 – 12:06 WIB

Jakarta – The Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) commemorated the National Teachers’ Day in every November 25 in Indonesia. The Head of State emphasized teacher is no longer someone who is respected but a figure that determine the level of nation civilization. 

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“Teacher is no longer just someone who is respected, who becomes a role model for students. But teacher is a figure that determine the level of civilation of the nation,” wrote the President in his official Instagram account @Jokowi, on Saturday. 

Presiden Jokowi menghadiri acara HUT PGRI dan Hari Guru Nasional 2023

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The Head of State also said: “They become the bridge for the children of today to the future,” 

President Jokowi also appreciates their role to educate Indonesian children. 

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“On their shoulders lies the hope of the elderly, the society, and this great nation,” 

“Happy National Teachers Day,” the Head of State expressed. 

High Stress Levels Experienced by Teachers

In the different occasion, President Widodo also highlighted the high levels of stress that teachers experienced as compared to those in other jobs in Indonesia. According to him, being a teacher is not an easy job. 

“Based on I read that the international research institution RAND Corporation, which stated that the level of stress experienced by teachers was higher than those in other professions,” President Jokowi explained during the commemoration of the 78th Anniversary of the Indonesian Teachers’ Association (PGRI) and National Teachers’ Day 2023 in Jakarta on Saturday. 

Presiden Jokowi mengunggah foto ilustrasi guru mengajar murid di sekolah

Presiden Jokowi mengunggah foto ilustrasi guru mengajar murid di sekolah

“The high level of stress was caused by three factors, namely student behavior, curriculum changes, and technological developments,” the President continued. 

Responding to these various challenges, President Jokowi called on all teachers to be able to adapt, especially to keep up with technological developments.

The President also drew attention to the gap in infrastructure and educational facilities between urban areas and disadvantaged, frontier, and outermost (3T) areas.

“During my working visits, I stopped by at a vocational school. I then compared vocational schools in the city and in the district area. The infrastructure gap is quite big. The Education and Culture Ministry must handle this,” the President highlighted. 

Due to myriad challenges and tasks faced by teachers, the president expressed his gratitude and appreciation to all those in the teaching profession in the country.

“On this occasion, on behalf of myself, the government, and the people, I would like to express my gratitude for the dedication and contribution of all teachers in Indonesia for educating our younger generation,” President Jokowi concluded. 

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High Stress Levels Experienced by Teachers

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