Papuan regional heads asked to improve human resources

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Home Affairs Minister Muhammad Tito Karnavian has urged regional governments in Papua to improve human resource development.

“Qualified human resources are believed to be able to manage various resources well, including those owned by regions in the Papua region. This effort can also support the growth of the private sector in their respective regions,” the minister noted in a statement received here.

He made the remarks during a coordination meeting with the heads of the Papua region on Friday.

He said that regional heads have a crucial role in regional budget management. Hence, they must manage the budget, including by using it to improve human resource capacity through education and health programs.

“So please, focus on the education of our children in the future. They must continue to attend formal (education), and also offer informal education that sticks true to local potential,” he added.

Giving an example of the latter, the minister said that if an area is known for its plantations, then the regional government can develop it further by making plantation training centers.

The same thing can be applied to other regional potentials such as animal husbandry, mining, and fisheries, he said. That way, the various resources can be managed properly, Karnavian added.

By educating others and honing their skills, the community can establish businesses and employ other people along the way.

The business sector is an important aspect of pursuing economic growth at the regional level. It needs to be supported through ease of doing business, both for domestic investment and foreign investment, including for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

“That key, along with investment, is to develop the private sector in their respective areas. Only then can the (economy) bounce up,” he added. 

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