British Tourist Robbed in Legian Kuta, Valuables Worth IDR 570 Million Stolen

Denpasar – A distressing incident unfolded on Jalan Padma Utara in Legian, Kuta, as British expatriate Robert Kirwin (41) became a victim of robbery around 9:00 PM on Tuesday, November 7, 2023. Robert, a jeweler, promptly reported the incident to Kuta Police, estimating the loss of his valuables to be around IDR 570 million.

The incident has been officially documented by the Kuta Police under Report Number DUMAS/1041/XI/2023.SPKT.UNIT RESKRIM/POLSEK KUTA/POLRESTA DENPASAR/POLDA BALI.

As per Robert’s statement in the police report, he and his wife, Rebecca Hollis, were strolling back to their villa after dinner when two individuals on a motorcycle approached from behind. The suspects, in an attempt to snatch Rebecca’s bag, stopped on the right side of the couple.

Rebecca resisted the theft by pulling back her bag. However, one of the suspects dismounted, brandishing an object resembling a knife, and threatened the couple. The assailant demanded the couple’s necklaces and Rebecca’s rings.

Feeling threatened, the couple handed over the requested jewelry. The suspects fled the scene after obtaining the valuables.

Confirming the incident, Kuta Police Chief, Kompol Yogie Pramagita, acknowledged the filed report and assured ongoing investigations. “Yes,” he confirmed when contacted on Wednesday, November 8, 2023. As for the follow-up actions, Kuta Police personnel are actively conducting inquiries to gather more details about the case.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of personal safety, even in popular tourist areas, and highlights the need for continued efforts in maintaining security and preventing such criminal activities.

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