Bali massage therapist charged with sexual assault of 15-year-old Australian tourist

A relaxing trip to a Balinese day spa has ended in tragedy for an Australian teenager who was allegedly sexually assaulted by a massage therapist.

The 15-year-old girl attended Eden Green Spa in Kuta on May 31 for a one-hour treatment when the incident allegedly occurred, Indonesian police said.

The teenager, who can’t be identified for privacy and legal reasons, informed a relative about the incident, with the pair filing a report the following day.

Denpasar police chief Bambang Yugo Pamungkas said the girl had been brought to tears by the alleged incident, and flew home to Australia with her relative the day after filing the report.

Zamzami Aulani Malik, 26, was arrested after five witnesses were questioned and the suspect “admitted” to his act.

“We have enough evidence,” Mr Pamungkas said. “The suspect has admitted that he committed the crime.”

It’s understood the man had only been working at the spa for three weeks prior to the alleged assault.

If convicted, he could face up to 15 years behind bars, police said.

News of the incident comes as Bali officials distribute a new “do’s and don’ts” list for tourists, following the holiday hotspot’s crackdown on international visitors.

Foreign travellers arriving on the island will have the cards “slipped” into their passports upon arrival.

The cards contain 12 “dos” and eight “don’ts” which instruct them about the conventions of traditions, religion and local law.

Under the “don’ts” list, tourists are banned from trespassing on sacred territories, touching sacred trees, engaging in behaviour that impairs sacred areas, littering, using single-use plastics, profanity, illegal work or business activities and any criminal acts.

Meanwhile, tourists are encouraged to respect sacred objects, customs and traditions, behave politely in sacred places, be escorted by a licensed tour guide, exchange money at authorised money changers, comply with relative laws, stay in permit-holding accommodation, and adhere to all rules.

The list comes just days after footage went viral of an incident which occurred seven months ago involving a woman showing her genitalia.

The video shows the woman sitting on a motorbike behind a man and exposing her genitalia after lifting her right leg to the side.

A Danish woman and German man, both 49, have since been arrested.

A week earlier, a German woman was arrested after she stripped naked and stormed onto a stage during a sacred Balinese dance in a local temple.

She was placed in a mental health facility by local authorities.

Prior to that incident, two Russian bloggers were deported for committing X-rated acts near a sacred tree and a holy volcano.

Overall, more than 130 tourists have been deported from the island for breaking its rules so far this year.

— with Shireen Khalil


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