AUKUS to promote secure, prosperous Indo-Pacific: Kritenbrink

Jakarta (ANTARA) – United States Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Daniel J. Kritenbrink has said that the Australia-United Kingdom-United States (AUKUS) Partnership aims to promote a secure and prosperous Indo-Pacific.

“To advance our shared goals of promoting a free and open, secure and prosperous Indo-Pacific,” he added at an online press briefing, which was followed online by ANTARA from here on Tuesday.

Kritenbrink made the remarks after announcing Australia’s acquisition of a conventionally armed nuclear-powered submarine through the AUKUS Partnership.

He said that the three countries will leverage their best technology and ingenuity to design a new class of submarines for Australia and the UK.

Kritenbrink further said the partnership aims to assist Australia in modernizing its submarine fleet with the same technology—nuclear-powered submarines—that other countries, such as India, the People’s Republic of China (PRC), France, the UK, Russia, as well as the US, have already deployed in the region.

The partnership also seeks to strengthen the economic opportunities of the three countries.

Guided by a shared commitment to global security and stability, AUKUS members have deepened their diplomatic security and defense cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region.

“In line with President Biden’s vision of working with partners and allies to solve global challenges, AUKUS is binding our partners in Europe and Asia, recognizing that our world is increasingly interconnected,” he said.

The AUKUS partnership reflects the critical role that their European and Indo-Pacific partners play in supporting their shared vision of increasing peace and security throughout the world, he added.

“Our intentions in Indo-Pacific are clear: to advance a free and open, interconnected, prosperous, secure, and resilient region,” he said.

Global economic growth and prosperity require security, stability, and predictability, he added.

“AUKUS partners understand this reality of value, and are working together to enhance our security and defense capabilities to help ensure this,” Kritenbrink said. 

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